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            Technology principle and application of intelligent energy saving controller for electric machine
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            The necessity and urgency of electric motor energy saving

            According to the data of the fourth session of the motor protection and electrical energy-saving technology conference, the in service motor, 40000 million KW still high energy consumption of the motor (loss accounts for% of rated capacity), 50% of which belong to the need to eliminate high energy consumption products; the annual burned down the number of motor in more than 20 million units, thus the cost of repairs of 20 billion yuan, caused by the shutdown stop loss tens of billions of yuan.

            Motor energy saving has two aspects: one is the improvement of the structure design of the motor and the use of new materials.

            Phase controlled power saving technology is used to improve the external environment of the motor to realize the dynamic power management, and it is one of the two main energy saving technologies of the inverter.

            Two, phase control technology features

            The phase control technology uses closed-loop feedback system to optimize the control. The voltage and current waveforms of the motor are measured by real-time measurement. Because the motor is a sensitive load, the current and voltage waveforms usually have a phase difference, which is related to the magnitude of the load. The phase controller compares the actual phase difference with the ideal phase difference of the motor characteristics, and then controls the SCR SCR trigger angle to provide the motor with optimized current and voltage, so as to adjust the power of the input motor in time ".

            The control technology used in the control of silicon semiconductor and integrated chip detection and control system to achieve non-contact switch function, the detection and control of integrated chip high-speed processing characteristics and the rapid response characteristics of SCR, so that the device can automatically handle various conditions of electric power dynamic characteristics, with a soft start, energy saving, optimized operation and protection:

            1, soft start characteristics

            For many years, the full voltage hard boot often damage the motor and the device, the controller can detect the motor load and provide power to the motor, in the premise of not reducing the starting torque, the phase controller is provided to the motor starting process of the power required, and the starting time can be set in 0 seconds -30 seconds, the starting process is smooth.



            Figure three gives a comparison of the starting current of the 1 start-up modes of the motor. Can be seen that soft start can effectively reduce the starting current of the motor, the starting current is only 50% of the starting current of the standard motor, is a high efficiency motor starting current 20%. The current limiting characteristics of the soft start can effectively limit the surge current, avoid the unnecessary impact torque and the current impact on the distribution network. On the frequent starting and stopping of the motor, the motor can effectively control the temperature rise, greatly extend the life of the motor.

            2, energy-saving features:

            AC induction motor usually consumes more power than it actually needs, especially when it is running in an under load condition, which is dissipated by the form of vibration, heat, noise and ferromagnetic loss. The flexible energy management mode of phase control technology, in the power distribution system and AC motor to establish an effective motor energy monitoring mode, in light load or no-load state real-time will be motor running current, voltage and power down, to achieve energy saving purposes.

            3, optimize the operating characteristics:

            Soft start and load to provide the characteristics of power, can effectively improve the efficiency of the motor, productivity and life, while saving energy and cost. The phase controller can control the single phase and three-phase AC motor to meet the safe operation mode.

            The phase control device is completely different from the traditional frequency conversion speed regulation technology. It uses the current voltage vector sensor to monitor the unique control technology, and does not change the original operating characteristics of the motor, so as to avoid the disadvantages of the inverter due to lower speed and reduce the production efficiency.

            4, protective characteristics

            The automatic escalator and other requirements of the more stringent application occasions, the control device is also equipped with a flow and lack of automatic protection of the cut - off bypass operation.

            Phase control technique and function structure diagram of phase control device are as follows:


            Three, phase control product series

            At present, the domestic market for the use of the phase control series products include: load current in the 220V 20A.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, 25HP, 30HP, 50HP, 40HP, 75HP, 125HP, 150HP, 200HP, 250HP, 300HP, 400HP, 380V/660V, 350HP three-phase motor energy saving needs.

            In the distribution network and power supply management function, it can not only detect the load changes and optimize the operating characteristics, provide the power supply mode, which can reduce the impact on the power grid and reduce the reactive power loss.

            With its unique micro computer monitoring system, the voltage and current output feedback control system can control the output power of the motor in time, and the input power supplied to the motor will be changed.

            The phase controller in hardware selection, to ensure its reliability. The microprocessor chip and integrated dual thyristor technology, which are used in the present, are the technology and products of high technical maturity and reliability. The sealing technology is very advanced, safe operation in the sun and rain and other harsh environments, at - 30 DEG C to 85 DEG C temperature range with rated load stability, service life of up to 15 years old.

            Phase control product standard "Controller QB-PhasCon technology standard" to become the national standard of the product technical standards.

            Five, the typical application of phase control device

            The control device can be widely used in the energy saving and optimization control of AC induction motor with light load or load changing condition. It can effectively solve the problem of the waste of the motor body in the condition of "big horse pull car".

            Phase control typical application areas include:

            1 load changes and the speed of change is not allowed to change the device: such as the port belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor equipment, cement belt, electric escalator, elevator, not with frequency converter, rolling equipment, all kinds of industrial transportation machinery, etc..

            2 variable load equipment, such as central air conditioning host, six angle machine, milling machine, grinding machine, forming machine, punch, polishing machine, hang machine, compressor, cutting machine, compressor, oil pumping oil machine, electric cars, clothing, food mixer, plastic open mill / dense smelting machine, injection molding machine, forging machine, machine shaping machine for concrete, rubber molding machine, chemical industry equipment, agricultural equipment, textile machinery, paper making equipment, industrial machinery, food and other heavy industrial machinery.

            Under normal circumstances, the phase controller is not suitable for the power control of the fans or pumps.

            How to judge whether an application is a good application?

            1 look at the nominal current and the actual operation of the difference between the larger, the greater the difference, the better energy-saving effect;

            2 to see the power factor, the motor power factor of less than 0.6, will get a better energy-saving effect;

            3 look at the operating voltage, operating voltage high out of 380V, such as night time running time or transformer capacity of the surplus of users, in the application of phase control section will have a relatively good power saving effect;

            4 for the load rate of over 75% of the motor, will not be a good application, therefore, to pay attention to avoid in the load rate of more than 75% of the motor using phase control section.


            Sale manager: Alvin Qin

            Tel:+86 13632743869  
            Add:  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

            Sale manager: Alvin Qin

            Tel:+86 13632743869  
            Add:  Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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